Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail and EDDM

Once that mailbox opens, we’ll make sure your advertisement gets noticed!

We’ve all seen the ad magazines that come in the mail. It’s the same companies competing against each other, with the same boring ads. No wonder people people don’t even open them, and they end up in the garbage! At Icon Media Works, our design team is second to none. We’ll create a visually stunning mail piece that is sure to get the attention of the residents who receive it. From targeted mail to full neighborhood and regional coverage, we offer a variety of full service packages for every size campaign and budget.

Targeted Mail

Our targeted direct mail service is for local businesses and large corporations that want to pinpoint specific addresses or demographics. We can use an existing mailing list, or we can purchase a targeted list on your behalf. Our targeted list collects useful data-points on each household, assuring you’re advertisement will reach your target market!

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM is a more affordable option of the two. While direct mail requires a targeted mailing list, based on your audience’s specific data-points, EDDM blankets an entire postal route. We’ll help you choose the areas to target and your advertisement will appear in every mailbox in the chosen area!

Direct Mail

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